1ARGGiven that West Egg’s residents are 2VTEcarry out a project to 3VTErecycling,this memo projects 4ARTthat city’s landfill will not be up to its capacity within 5 years.The projection is 5VTEbase on 6PUNtwofold increase in household garbage 7ARTover past two years, and a recent survey indicating more residents intend to do more recycling in the future. Beyond 8PROthese data, more specific 9POWevidents would 10WORbe still 11VTEneed in solidifying the projected result.

12LOGIn all likelihood, some household garbage 13VTEaccount for only some of the materials in West Egg Town Council, which is not 14POWon behalf 15ARTof total amount of garbage. 16TRAFurthermore, 17WORrecycling materials increase is not 18ARTrepresent total amount of garbage decline. 19WCHAdmittedly if the 20WFOresidences of the town previously disposed of certain 21POWrecycling that 22MISthey now recycling instead, then this shift from disposal to recycling would serve to reduce the total amount of garbage 23CUTwould be decrease. 24PUNHowever 25INCthe major is not reference to this change.

26TRAMoreover, we can not ensure other town’s 27WFOresidences 28PROwhich 29MISnot use it. So many other factors would have an effect on 30POWour town31PUN ,which would 32POWgive 33PROus some 34COUadvices 35MISto 36POWdo a more useful 37PREway solving the problems in West Egg Town Council. But the mayor 38VTEfail to give enough 39WFOexplain 40MISto solve the problem.

41TRAYet ,42POWas the 43VTEincreasing of 44POWour salary, I refuse to believe the significant influence on town45PUNgarbage46PUNwork 47POWwhile the mayor 48PREseems show too much attention on this project, ignoring the leve of 49POWour 50PRElive. 51TRAOn the other hand , even 52ARTif 53VTEincreased price is useful to someone, 54POWwhich can not give an evidence to explain the total amount of garbage decrease.55CONAnd 56CAPthe greater the amount, the less likely higher trash charges would have any effect on how quickly the landfill reaches capacity.

57CNCThe mayor’s projection is simply not credible.Rather than relying solely on questionable recycling statistics, the mayor should provide detail statistics for the residences.58CONAnd 59CAPthe condition of other town’s residences is very important 60PREto 61VTEsolve the problems62PUN, 63PREwhether the amount of trash those people 64VTEcontribution is declining or is likely to decline in the near future.


James James




In addressing the specific task directions, a 4 response presents a competent analysis of the issue and conveys meaning with acceptable clarity.
A typical response in this category
• presents a clear position on the issue in accordance with the assigned task
• develops the position with relevant reasons and/or examples
• is adequately focused and organized
• demonstrates sufficient control of language to express ideas with acceptable clarity
• generally demonstrates control of the conventions of standard written English, but may have some errors


Welcome to SmartPigai=)

You have tried to make a good analysis and argument about the information the piece.
- The introductory part has been well developed. The counter arguments in the main body have been well developed.
- You have given good comparison of information.
- It is actually recommended that you make some sort of stand point at the end of every paragraph. For example, "Without such convincing evidence that a shift in recycling will affect the amount of garbage, the arguer's claim is still a joke." This can be a sum up sentence of the second paragraph.
- You have developed a good conclusion to the analysis.

You should try to avoid grammar errors. - Try to make your views clear. For example, the clause "the major is not reference to this change" is hard to comprehend. The subject is obscure and the formation itself is poor.
- Be mindful of the verb tenses and use of articles, most especially the definite article.
- In a formal writing, never should "and" be used to start a sentence like you did in your conclusion.
- Avoid unnecessary words that might make the essay verbose.

You can write better if you address the grammar issues and employ standard sentence structures and good vocabulary.

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