1IRODuring 2ARTthe school, we are often told to follow the ideas and decisions of people in3ART position of authority, but is it always 4POWthe truth? As far as I am concerned, questioning authority has been and still is essential to the advancement of mankind5EXC.

6EXCCharlie Chaplin can be7POW a suitable to properly validate my viewpoint. Charlie Chaplin, a famous comedy actor and a courageous artist, even under a series of threats and difficulties and 8POWbeing against authority9PUN revealed 10CUTto the evil of Nazism 11PREby his first 12POWvocal film. 13WORThe Great Dictator when Chaplin, was shooting the movie, he encountered many difficulties from people who 14VTEhave money and power. 15EXCFor instance, he received a warning said that he would 16POWmeet the censorship if he kept going on. Moreover, 17ARTthe British officials also 18CUTpresented their worries that they doubted whether this film19POW could go to the public20LOG. 21POWIn a sharp contrast, Charlie Chaplin did not shrink back, rather, he firmly 22VTEstick to23POW the aim, 24POWbeing against 25ARTthe authority. Chaplin said he had set his 26POWwind to finish the movie. In the next days, there were more letters warning him not to 27POWperform that movie. 28TRAAgain, Chaplin did not surrender to 29ARTthe authority and kept casting doubt on it. With 30ARTthe determination and firm faith in 31ARTthe justice, Chaplin finally finished the film. 32TRAAs a result, the ugly image of 33POWNazi and evil desire and greedy mind of Hitler 34VTEhas been fully revealed35PRE in front of the world. If Chaplin had not challenged 36ARTthe authority 37REPand had decided to follow it, he would not have become a 38POWspiritual icon 39VTEthat has been respected a lot40LOG.

41TRAAnother sound 42POWreason to support my viewpoint is 43CUTthe story of John Nash. John Nash, a famous mathematician and economist, created his theory and won the Nobel Prize by challenging Adams Smith. Before44PUN, 1950, 45TYPAdams Smith was respected as the father of Game Theory and his ideas were 46POWbelieved by the majority of people 47VTEengaging the field of 48POWeconomy. 49TRANevertheless, Nash, a researcher 50PREin Princeton University stood 51PREout to point out errors 52PREof 53POSSmith’ theory, which was regarded as the absolute authority in the field of 54POWeconomy. He insisted on his own theory, regardless of doubt and criticism from others. 55TRAFinally, he established56ART Nash Equilibrium and won57ART Nobel Prize. It 58VTEis59POW Nash’s questioning the authority Adams Smith that 60VTEhelps discover the truth of Game theory and hence 61POWfasten the development of our society62LOG.

63CNCAfter 64POWviewing the examples and reasoning above, we can reach the conclusion that it is important to question 65ARTthe people in 66ARTthe position of authority, because challenging 67ARTthe authority
68TYP    helps develop the society.


James James




An essay in this category is competent, demonstrating adequate mastery, although it will have lapses in quality. A typical essay
• develops a point of view on the issue and demonstrates competent critical thinking, using adequate examples, reasons, and other evidence to support its position
• is generally organized and focused, demonstrating some coherence and progression of ideas
• exhibits adequate but inconsistent facility in the use of language, using generally appropriate vocabulary
• demonstrates some variety in sentence structure
• has some errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics


Hello! Welcome to SmartPigai.

You have definite strengths in this essay. Your Introduction and C-onclusion are clear and concise. You have good examples and details to support your points. The main weakness is that although you convince the reader that these are 2 examples of people who questioned authority, you do not explain how they contributed to the "advancement of mankind" specifically enough (as I noted in my comments).

In terms of grammar, you make mistakes in verb tense. Here is a good resource for reviewing verb tense: http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/verbtenseintro.html

You also make mistakes in prepositions so here is a resource for review: http://www.englishclub.com/grammar/prepositions.html

And,finally, You can use this simple flow chart to decide which article to use:
Step 1 - is this a proper noun? - If yes, there is no article.
Step 2 - if no, is it a specific noun? - If yes, use "the"
Step 3 - If no, is it an uncountable noun? - If yes, no article.
Step 4 - If no, is it a plural noun? - If yes, no article.
Step 5 - If no, does it begin with a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) - If yes, use "an" If no, use "a" Mistakes in articles do not usually interfere with understanding but you make many errors so it's a bit distracting for the reader.

If you can cut the number of mistakes with articles by even 25% that would be helpful.

Hope to see you again at SmartPigai!





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